Thursday, January 11, 2007


Most of December was spent waiting. Waiting for lab results, scan results and other reports. Yesterday, Mom, my Aunt and I went to Lincoln for the day. It was a good way to enjoy some free time on a beautiful day. We went to some antique malls, drove by the Penis of the Plains (the State Capital) and went to the National Rollerskating Hall of Fame --- we had a great time!

Tomorrow I'll find out if Martita is a stem-cell match and then hopefully I'll have a plan for what's going on the next month. Then most of my waiting will be over!


Blogger BAFFLED said...

Hey There Tres-- I clicked on "Penis of the Plains" and yup it does look familar. Sort of like the University of Texas Tower in Austin. I wonder if the soon to be G.W. Bush Library at SMU will have one?

I hope there is a stem-cell match. Keep us posted!

Peace out-- Bradley & Flounder

10:58 AM  
Anonymous mskn said...

We are "on our knees..if you please"...praying we have a sister match! It is windy,34* in Victoria County. Looks like a cement truck exploded over us it is so gray and wet. Have had 5 inches of rain/mud .yuk! Had a calf born last night and the Mama cow abandoned him so now YOU can come bottle feed this fine calf that is IN MY STORAGE room!! (Tis money in the bank! on de' rancho.) Feel better..we are all pulling for YOU!!!!!

7:01 AM  

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