Friday, December 22, 2006

The Fatigue

The side-effects from this Hyper CVAD (the chemo that I've been going through) have caught up with me. I've never felt so heavy and drained in all my life. It's very frustrating ---- I feel like I'm 123. It takes several minutes to even get up from a chair! I spent yesterday inside (no, it hasn't snowed yet thankfully!!!) doing nothing (which sounds better than it was). On top of that I think my Neulasta shot (the shot I get to boost my white blood cell count) is kicking in. Since white blood cells are produced in the bones, my bones ache! Ugh!! Hopefully, I won't need to go through this again after New Years but there is that possibility. It will only be after that that I can start stem cell and then the end will be in sight!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jim & Myron come for a visit!

My good friends Jim & Myron came for a visit last weekend. We had a great time exploring Omaha --- we saw Ford's and Malcolm X's birthsite, ate at some bad (but cool) restaurants and, my personal favorite, had a drink (okay, maybe a coke for me!) at the Side II Lounge (no visit to Omaha would be complete without it!).

Check out our weekend photos!

And I have more visitors coming! Yeah!! My Dad arrived the morning they left. Martita and Colin come in Christmas Eve. Jim comes back (yes, he liked it that much!) with Brooks, Michelle and Ron for New Years!!!! What a great way to end a crappy year than surrounded by great family and friends!!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm out (again)!

Well, I have been released from the hospital once again! Round A (which you may remember came after Part B) wasn't as bad. The protocol was similar to what I had last summer so I didn't get (or expect) the side-effects that came with Part B. I also had the last of my 17 radiation treatments yesterday (to get rid of the brain mass - not the important stuff!). This month will obviously be lighter in treatments. I have a chemo treatment and physical therapy (good news - I've put the walker up!) on Friday that shouldn't be too bad, blood work and tons of pills to take. My next doctors appointment is on Jan 2nd. We'll (or, rather, she'll decide) then whether or not I have another round of salvage chemo or go on to stem cell transplant. Hopefully I'll go on to stem cell. Looks like I could be here until late February!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm beeping - my chemo is going off. I've called the nurse but she's taking her dear, sweet time. There's been some miscommunication in the hospital room this morning ---- mix ups with medicine especially. It's scary --- I really have to be on top of them right now (and my mind isn't exactly up for all that!!!).

Today is my first full day in the hopital this week. It's boring. I asked my Mom to pick up some coloring books and crayons ---- when is the last time you colored? I'm actually sort of excited about it!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Part A

Hopefully, I'll be starting my 2nd round of chemo (Part A of two parts) on Monday (not that I'm really looking forward to it) in the hospital. I'll have a similiar (though stronger) mix than what I had last summer. I should be in for about a week.

I'm getting slightly stronger --- I'm not usising my walker as much. I have this weekend "off". If I'm not at the doctors, I'm eating. I had "cooked" sushi and some of the best wasabi soup I've ever had. I've also had an excellent cheese plate.